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Please read this page carefully until the end before booking.



FRIEND 5 is a good deal set of 5 tickets for 5,500yen. The price for 1 ticket becomes 1,100yen (1,050yen if you book online)

On-the-door tickets will be available at the performance venue 15 minutes before the performance starts. Night Theatre ticket price is the same for advance and on-the-door.

Night Theatre ticket comes with 1 free drink. Please see this page for performance details.

Please call the festival ticket center for availability:
098 943 1357

Booking is required. 

Want to book FRIEND 5 but cannot decide all 5 tickets?
  • A 'Festival Token' can be used to see any performance with an available seat on the day of the performance. If the performance is sold out, token-holders cannot enter.
  • The entry of the token-holders will be after the ticket-holders (advance and on-the-door).
  • A Festival Token cannot be exchanged to a performance ticket once booked.
  • A Festival Token can be exchanged to a Festival Bag (see right). Please come to the Festival Center.
  • Payment must be done within 3 days after the booking, otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically.
  • After 20th July, all bookings must be paid by the following day.
  • Please make sure you make a payment by the day before the first performance you have booked.
  • Please use the fax booking form when you book via fax.
  • The online booking website cannot take foreign-issued credit cards.
  • Every person must have a valid ticket to see the performance, even a baby in a sling.
  • Please check your booking details carefully before you confirm the booking. Exchanges and refunds are not accepted once booked.
  • Doors will open at different timings depending on the performance. Please note some performances open just before the performance starts.
  • Please prepare carefully when you see an outdoor performances to avoid heat strokes.
  • Late-entries and exits during the performance may be restricted to prevent disturbing other audiences and the performers.
  • The festival programme is subject to change due to unforeseen reasons.



Instant Confirmation - Instant Payment
All bookings receive 
250yen OFF!!

Please check ウェブ予約 section on 
this page (in Japanese) for details.

Live outside Japan?
Have a credit card issued outside Japan?

Please use our Email Booking system.
If you live outside Japan, please select 'Ticket Center Pickup'


Opening Hours
10:00 - 18:00

098 9431357


098 887 1334

(Japanese only)


ricca ricca*festa's new booking method. Please see below for details.

[ Email Booking Steps ]
1) Go to Email Booking Website.
2) Select tickets and submit your booking.
   (Please check carefully before you confirm.)
3) Ticket Center staff will book the tickets.
4) You will receive an email with payment details.

Important Notes about Email Booking
  • Your booking is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation email.
  • Bookings submitted between 00:00-18:00 will be checked on the day, but bookings submitted between 18:00-24:00 will be booked the following day.
  • Depending on the number of remaining tickets, we may not be able to provide the tickets you booked. Please book your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Enquiries about Ticket Bookings
ricca ricca*festa Ticket Center

TEL: 098 943 1357

Opening Hours:  10:00-18:00
Fri 24 June - Thu 21 July
ACO Okinawa

3-82-5-2F Shuri-Teracho, Naha, Okinawa
(upstairs of a Post Office)

Fri 22 July - Sun 31 July
Naha City Greenery Center

3-2-1 Omoromachi, Naha, Okinawa

When the telephone is busy, please try these numbers too:

070 5410 6815       070 5279 2469
070 5488 3604       070 5812 7704


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