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Please read this page carefully until the end before booking.

General Sales starts on:
FRI 24 JUNE 10:00AM


FRIEND 5 is a good deal set of 5 tickets for 5,500yen. The price for 1 ticket becomes 1,100yen (1,050yen if you book online)

On-the-door tickets will be available at the performance venue 15 minutes before the performance starts. Night Theatre ticket price is the same for advance and on-the-door.

Night Theatre ticket comes with 1 free drink. Please see this page for performance details.

Please call the festival ticket center for availability:
098 943 1357

Booking is required. 

Want to book FRIEND 5 but cannot decide all 5 tickets?
  • A 'Festival Token' can be used to see any performance with an available seat on the day of the performance. If the performance is sold out, token-holders cannot enter.
  • The entry of the token-holders will be after the ticket-holders (advance and on-the-door).
  • A Festival Token cannot be exchanged to a performance ticket once booked.
  • A Festival Token can be exchanged to a Festival Travel Mug (see right). Please come to the Festival Center.
  • Payment must be done within 3 days after the booking, otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically.
  • After 20th July, all bookings must be paid by the following day.
  • Please make sure you make a payment by the day before the first performance you have booked.
  • Please use the fax booking form when you book via fax.
  • The online booking website cannot take foreign-issued credit cards.
  • Every person must have a valid ticket to see the performance, even a baby in a sling.
  • Please check your booking details carefully before you confirm the booking. Exchanges and refunds are not accepted once booked.
  • Doors will open at different timings depending on the performance. Please note some performances open just before the performance starts.
  • Please prepare carefully when you see an outdoor performances to avoid heat strokes.
  • Late-entries and exits during the performance may be restricted to prevent disturbing other audiences and the performers.
  • The festival programme is subject to change due to unforeseen reasons.



Instant Confirmation - Instant Payment
All bookings receive 
250yen OFF!!

Please check ウェブ予約 section on 
this page (in Japanese) for details.

Live outside Japan?
Have a credit card issued outside Japan?

Please use our Email Booking.
If you live outside Japan, please select 'Ticket Center Pickup'


Opening Hours
10:00 - 18:00

098 9431357


098 887 1334

(Japanese only)


ricca ricca*festa's new booking method. Please see below for details.

Enquiries about Ticket Bookings
ricca ricca*festa Ticket Center

TEL: 098 943 1357

Opening Hours:  10:00-18:00
Fri 24 June - Thu 21 July
ACO Okinawa

3-82-5-2F Shuri-Teracho, Naha, Okinawa
(upstairs of a Post Office)

Fri 22 July - Sun 31 July
Naha City Greenery Center

3-2-1 Omoromachi, Naha, Okinawa

When the telephone is busy, please try these numbers too:

070 5410 6815       070 5279 2469
070 5488 3604       070 5812 7704


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