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KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre


(Under 3 not allowed)


60 minutes


(no subtitles)




Asato Church

[24-1] Tue 26 July   13:00
[24-2] Wed 27 July   11:00 [SOLD OUT]

Adaptation of a story from the popular children’s book series

Wakatta-san’s Cookies is the first stage adaptation of a popular children's book series of Wakatta-san.

Wakatta-san works at a dry cleaner.
She finds a key in the laundry and visit the owner to return it. But she wanders into a strange apartment, where she experiences ‘the key to bake cookies’…?

The director Toshiki Okada and the designer Teppei Kaneuji teamed up to realise the world of Wakatta-san full of inspirations and unique characters.

It will mesmerise both children and adults alike!

 Photos:Hideto Maezawa


Kanagawa Arts Foundation was established in October 1993 by the Kanazawa Prefecture in order to create and promote the arts and culture as well as to operate the prefecture’s cultural facilities. The foundation manages Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo (music hall) and produces various cultural activities in various fields such as theatre, music and fine arts.

In January 2011, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre opened and the foundation became in charge of the management. Amon Miyamoto was the first artistic director, and since 2014 Akira Shirai acts as the Artistic Supervisor. KAAT aims to provide opportunities to appreciate quality arts and culture, support rich living environment, promote artistic exchanges and contribute to the development of culture by producing projects which create and promote arts and culture in the fields of music, theatre, dance and fine arts.

Company website: www.kaat.jp

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa

Organised by: KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre 


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