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For the Sake of Someone

ACO Okinawa

 World Premiere



50 minutes






Welfare Center
(Naha Waterworks Dept
Bldg.B 3F)

★ [22-1] Wed 27 July   15:00
[22-2] Wed 27 July   19:00

[22-3] Thu 28 July   15:00
[22-4] Fri 29 July    15:00
[22-5] Fri 29 July    19:00

“I want to live to make someone happy”

A crook whose life was saved by a temple monk decided to reform himself to make someone happy and was spending days practicing as apprentice.
One night, a handsome boy Wakamatsu runs into the temple seeking for shelter from a deranged woman.
The temple monks try to protect Wakamatsu from the woman, but the former crook sees fear of loneliness in the eyes of the woman who wields a knife.

"I want to live to make someone happy."
Would his wish reach her heart...?

 Image: Jiro Iha

About the Company

Since its foundation, ACO Okinawa has constantly produced original productions from Okinawa. It has also established the network with art organisations in Japan and abroad and produced numerous international co-productions. The company continues its aspiring activities based on the Okinawan performing arts.  

Company Website: aco-okinawa.com

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa 


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