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kabinet k

Asian Premiere   |   Belgium Focus



60 minutes






Tenbusu Hall

★ [19-1] Tue 26 July   19:00
[19-2] Wed 27 July   19:00
[19-3] Thu 28 July   19:00
[19-4] Fri 29 July    19:00
[19-5] Sat 30 July   15:00
[19-6] Sat 30 July   19:00

An explosive dance performance about resilience and hope, danced by 3 generations and live music

“Things usually work out in the end."
"What if they don't?"
"That just means you haven't come to the end yet.” 
 ('the glass castle', jeanette walls)

A gang of children balancing on a thin line of joy and struggle in a performance that demonstrates their resilience, hope and idealism. An exercise in standing straight, in resistance to a constant, invisible threat. They develop their own medicine against the chaos of a world that is too big to comprehend, to understand; to control.

RAW is a show about playing, dreaming, pretending, being a child even if it is not possible. It is about growing up in difficult circumstances, seen from a child’s perspective. It is also about the adults that have to take care of them, who are impenetrable, sometimes from close up, but most often from afar.

With live music from Thomas Devos, who like a bard on the battlefield celebrates the courage of the little warriors.

Photos: kurt van der elst

About the Company

Kabinet k is a dance company founded by Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven. Laureyns and Manshoven are both choreographers, with backgrounds in philosophy and design respectively. In kabinet k, they focus on dance performances with both professional dancers and children. Their dance language starts out with concrete everyday actions and small gestures, interwoven with playful elements. As the cast also contains children, the company succeeds in appealing to a broad audience in an accessible way. As organic and intuitive states are so important, both choreographers like to work with children, or with older bodies, which are not (or are less) marked by particular patterns of behaviour or by a single dance technique.

In kabinet k’s creations, content triumphs over aesthetics. The dance language is developed around a central thought, which is expressed for a younger audience in the movement, the scenography, the cast and the rhythm of the performance. Since 2002, under the guidance of a number of larger youth theatre companies such as fABULEUS and Kopergietery, Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven have created a series of performances that have not gone unnoticed in the youth dance world. Dromen hebben veters was nominated for the 1000Watt price 2003. For Kopergietery, Laureyns and Manshoven each created a separate solo for a young child: Martha, Marthe (2007). For Questo Ricordo (CC Hasselt, 2006), the pair worked with seven children, three professional dancers (including Manshoven himself) and an older man.
The encounters between young and older bodies, and between still developing, professionally moulded and more fragile bodies made the creation into a charming portrait of rhythms and timbres, in movement, scenography and sound décor.

With performances such as Einzelgänger (2008), Unfold (2009) and i see you (2012), kabinet k continued to build on its oeuvre of fully-fledged dance performances for a young audience. For zwaluwzang / a swallow song (2013), kabinet k worked with a dancer with down-syndrom from Theater Stap. Rauw / raw (2013) is a performance about resilience, with live music by Thomas Devos, and with seven children and two adult dancers on stage. The latest creation bab(b)el (2015), on the phenomenon of language is performed by Bérengère Bodin (les ballets c de la b) and a young girl and one actor. Both Unfold and rauw were selected for Het Theaterfestival.

Company website: www.kabinetk.be

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa


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