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Los Yayos

Photo: Alice Verlaine 

Compagnie de la Casquette

 Asian Premiere   |   Belgium Focus



45 minutes






Education and Welfare Center

★ [18-1] Mon 25 July   15:00
[18-2] Wed 27 July   19:00
[18-3] Thu 28 July   13:00
[18-4] Fri 29 July    19:00
[18-5] Sat 30 July   13:00
[18-6] Sun 31 July   15:00

Two elderly people’s last love encounter 

Two old persons find themselves lost in an unlikely place. Here they are subjected to the rules. Music and sound effects transform each of their gesture in a cha cha cha, a tango, a waltz with clownish paces. Buoyed by those rhythms, getting more and more vigorous, they will find time to dance, to go back to their fled youth. A last romantic encounter they leave us as a legacy.

"... We can not take back what we have already danced. "

Los Yayos is full of freedom and jubilation. It explores wordlessly the complexity of human relationships and the complicity between two people that can last a lifetime.

Taking the desire to cross ages and genres as a starting point, Los Yayos develops the moments of everyday life of two elderly people on a clown and dance mode. It can be told to any audiences, starting from the age of 6.

[...] Bliss too with "Los Yayos" by la Casquette, where we see an old couple turn their slightest moves into a cha-cha, a frenzied rock or a flamenco session. The show is funny, tender, subtle (far from a parody, on the contrary : the dance naturally extends every action) and packed with irresistible little ideas. [...]
In Le soir, Jean-Marie Wynants, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 August 2009, p.53
What a great performance by Isabelle Verlaine and Miguel Camino Fueyo ! They succeed in building their characters from anodyne, ordinary, insignificant gestures that turn into a dance. The relations between the woman and the man can be read from an attitude, a tic, an action. Fluidity prevails. From one sequence to the next, the episodes flow into each other.
In Rue du Théâtre, Michel Voiturier, August 24, 2009

Special Mention of the Jury for transcending daily life
(Rencontres de Théâtre Jeune Public - Youth Audience Theatre Encounters - Huy 2009)

 Photo: Valérie Burton

With:Isabelle Verlaine Defaux
       Miguel Camino Fueyo
       Josselin Moinet (musician)
       Mehdi Missoumi (stage manager and sound effects)
Writing, stage design : Isabelle Verlaine Defaux, Miguel Camino Fueyo and Pierre Richards
Stage director : Pierre Richards
Musical compositions : Josselin Moinet
Costumes : Catherine Somers
Stage lighting, and construction : Guy Thérache


The company de la Casquette was founded in 1983. It is very active in the field of theater for young audience. Since then La Casquette has created 32 shows and has performed its shows throughout the world.

It is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture of the French community in Belgium and employs 2 persons for the management and up to 6 full time equivalent artists yearly.

The company draws its artistic background from the teaching of Jacques Lecoq.

Moreover the company owns its own rehearsal studios which have become reknown place to create theatre shows in Brussels.   

Company website: www.casquette.be

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa


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