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Insite Arts International

 Japan Premiere



50 minutes


(with Japanese interpreter)


dance theatre


Shintoshin Park B

★ [13-1] Tue 26 July   20:00
[13-2] Wed 27 July   20:00
[13-3] Thu 28 July    20:00

An Indigenous Australian contemporary ritual of fire, dance and dreams

SAND SONG tells the story of the first coming of light when cheeky Brolga steels Emu’s egg when emu was out hunting for food in the pre dawn darkness. But Emu sees cheeky Brolga and runs after him with his long legs to get back his egg. Brolga gives up the chase and throws the egg back to Emu who can’t catch it with his short little arms. The egg hits a tree with such force that it bursts into flames. And creates a miraculous, powerful ball of first light that brings awe and wonder to everyone and everything.

Through contemporary dance, song and traditional artifacts set on a large ground mandala (sculpture) of red sand, white ochre, emu feathers and ancestor poles, SAND SONG presents a dance story that explores the power of light, dreams and fire.

It asks our children : what is it you wish for…and then brings the gift of fire to light up their dream.

* There will be a workshop for children to create a 'dream holder' to be part of the stage set.



Insite Arts International is an experienced creative producer team of arts professionals working in Australia and internationally to create, produce, manage, tour and promote the work of high calibre contemporary performing artists in arts projects that are innovative, excellent and outstanding within the global industry.

Insite operates across a wide marketplace, collaborating with emerging and established artists to develop work that reaches national and international audiences and participants.

We have an international reputation for the creation and production of innovative and exciting performance that is cross-genre and visual design/movement-based in style. Insite projects are consistently award-winning for their creators and enthusiastically received by audiences.

Company website: www.insitearts.com.au

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa


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