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Cie Karyatides / Gare Centrale

Asian Premiere  |  Belgium Focus



60 minutes




object theatre


Okinawa Museum
Gallery Studio

[11-1] Fri 29 July    13:00
[11-2] Sat 30 July   17:00
[11-3] Sun 31 July   11:00

Running towards the moon, the object of their desire

A narrow board suspended over the abyss.
Crossed by men, running towards the moon, the object of their desire.
But the path is full of danger, and our men are fragile.
Aluminium silhouettes shining in the void, men struggling with their destiny.
Manipulation for four hands, demiurges amused by this cruel world.

Destiny is a visual performance, somewhere between plastic arts and puppetry.
It would like to be universal, without worrying about limits…

 Photos: Yves Gabriel


Founded in 2009, Compagnie Karyatides is the fruit of an encounter. 

Karine Birge and Marie Delhaye had known each other since their studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Liège. But their story really began when they met Agnès Limbos (Cie Gare Centrale), and along with her, a universe of bric-a-brac, blinking Virgin Mary’s, dolls burned with blowtorches, rusty automatons, crepe-paper suns, landscapes carved in flour… A visual and poetic universe, where the actor speaks through objects, and where the entire world is contained on a tabletop.

And they loved it! So together, they created a marionette show, Le Destin (Destiny), exploring all the metaphysical and artistic possibilities of aluminium foil, literally squatting in the workshop of Agnès Limbos, who left her own mark on the project as the performance’s director.

Since then, Karine and Marie haven’t left each other’s sides. Having reached the ripe old age of thirty, they decided to found Compagnie Karyatides.

Company website: karyatides.net

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa


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