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L’Anneau Théâtre

Asian Premiere  |  Belgium Focus



50 minutes






Education and Welfare Center

★[8-1] Tue 26 July   19:00
[8-2] Wed 27 July   15:00
[8-3] Thu 28 July   17:00
[8-4] Fri 29 July    15:00
[8-5] Sat 30 July   17:00
[8-6] Sun 31 July   11:00

“The reality is what continues to exist when we cease to believe” Philip K. Dick 

That night,  you just want one thing - bed and sleep!
But even though you’ve taken your slippers off, laid down, turned off the light, it doesn’t work.
Now the light is back on and you’re not in bed as you thought but standing with your slippers on your feet.
You straighten the duvet but it has a mind of its own.
The light flickers and there’s no way of stopping it.
Then the radio alarm starts up and it’s not even plugged in.
Even your shadow starts moving while you’re standing still.
It has to be a nightmare but you’re not asleep!
So, who’s there?

“An eyeful, an earful…Hyper visual, Nox plays on comic effect and takes us joyfully on board…A show without words finely conducted to the nearest millimetre Ariane Buhbinder”
- LAURENCE BERTELS ‘La Libre Belgique’ 5 September 2012

“…and now, surprise, the bedroom show awakens all our senses: our neck freezes, our curiosity is fuelled and we’re suddenly reluctant to blink for fear of missing a second.”
- CATHERINE MAKREEL ‘Le Soir’ 23 August 2012

Photos: Yves Gabriel 


Founded in 1996, l’Anneau seeks to provoke an emotion in which the poetic dimension brings opening and generates reflexion and exchange within both young and older audiences. Facing the cruelty of a world where luxury and barbarism rub shoulders and in which childhood has mostly a mercantile value, the theatrical creations of ‘l’Anneau’ endeavour to give weight and reality to the hopes and questions of the inner child.

Juggling words and images, combining reality and imaginary, the creations go from laughter to tears and question humanity at its most sensitive and deeply hidden place: impulses, fears, needs, desires. For each production, high-quality professional creators and actors join the company to implement new scenic proposals, original layouts, percussive, different languages …

Since its foundation, the artistic direction of L’Anneau is linked to the personality of Ariane Buhbinder who has signed the direction of all the company’s shows and works as author. She collaborates more and more with other companies and structures.

Company website: www.anneautheatre.be

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa 


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