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Guji Guji

Little Dog Barking Theatre
(New Zealand)

Japan Premiere



45 minutes


(with Japanese subtitles)


shadow puppetry


Garaman Hall

★[6-1] Sat 23 July   15:00
[6-2] Sun24 July   11:00


Okinawa Museum
Lecture Hall

★[6-3] Wed 27 July   15:00
[6-4] Thu 28 July   11:00
[6-5] Fri 29 July    11:00
[6-6] Sat 30 July   13:00
[6-7] Sun 31 July   11:00

A simple and beautiful story about being different, bullying and family love

A mother duck is sitting on her nest of eggs.
A strange egg rolls down the hill and pops into the nest without the mother duck noticing.
The eggs all hatch.
Out come three ducklings, out of the fourth egg comes the strangest looking duck you have ever seen.
Mother duck, treats them all the same, even though one of them looks very different.
The mother duck teaches them to swim, to dive, to waddle and to search for food.
Everyday, they grow bigger and bigger.
Guji Guji, the strange looking Duck, grows much faster and quicker than the other Ducks.
One day while Guji Guji is at the Pond, he meets three crocodiles… they tell him that he is not a duck at all, but a crocodile.
And crocodiles eat ducks…
Poor Guji Guji he doesn’t know what to do, the ducks are his family.
He must think of a plan to save the ducks and get rid of the crocodiles.

Guji Guji is based on the award-winning illustrated book by Taiwanese writer and illustrator Chih-yuan Chen.

 Photos: Stephen A’court


Little Dog Barking Theatre was established in 2010 by Peter Wilson, former Artistic Director of the Capital E National Theatre for Children New Zealand. The company specialises in puppetry and mask performances, creating work for young audiences in early childhood centres, kindergartens and lower primary schools. It also creates new works in theatres, such as Duck Death and the Tulip performing at festivals round the country and around the world.

The work is always challenging, thoughtful and entertaining, created especially for young audiences by some of New Zealand's bert artists and creators. The theatre has quickly earned itself a national and international reputation and in 2014 performed at the first Asian Pacific puppet festival in Nanchong, China, the Edinburgh Festivals and the Shanghai International Puppet Festival. 

The company has a wide repertoire of theatre for young audiences, many of which are original, others like Duck, Death and the Tulip and Guji Guji are adaptations of award winning children's books. In creating new works, the company identifies the importance of the place of the child in the world. 

Company website: www.littledogbarking.co.nz

Supported by the Creative New Zealand 

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa


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