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Petites Furies

Zététique Théâtre

Asian Premiere  |  Belgium Focus



40 minutes






Toshima Community Center
Exhibition Hall

Fri 22 July    11:00
Sat 23 July   11:00
Sun 24 July   11:00


Welfare Center
(Naha Waterworks Dept.
Bldg.B 3F)

[5-1] Thu 28 July   11:00
[5-2] Fri 29 July    11:00
[5-3] Sat 30 July   11:00
[5-4] Sat 30 July   15:00

[5-5] Sun 31 July   11:00
[5-6] Sun 31 July   13:00

A playful dance show about anger and friendship

"It shakes you up, takes your breath away, turns yourself inside out, turns yourself red, black, green with envy… It transforms: kids-tigers; babies-dragons. It has that power. It can hide itself in a tear. Or it can make as much noise as fireworks. It sometimes stinks. But it always passes away… Anger, it is."

Two dancers are making a mess and invite us in their universe made of little pieces. Sometimes they are in collusion, sometimes they fight.

Anyway, they take us in a rebellious and playful dance, during which they will alternately taste the sour and the sweet.

“We recognize so well on this stage what happens in the playgrounds; at that age, anger can be as intense as friendship can be strong…Very funny, the songs fit perfectly to this little wonder…Liberating!”
- S. Colasse, Le ligueur, 09/2014

“On a tremendous soundtrack, the dancers transform fury in glee, fits of anger in flashes of fun.”
- C. Makereel, Le soir, 08/2014

“an exhilarating exploration of the body, the emotions and the matter.”
- L. Bertels, La Libre Belgique, 08/2014

 Photos: Nicolas Bomal - Province de Liège


Zététique Théâtre from Liège in Belgium creates plays for children and teenagers since 1986.
Directed by Luc Dumont, an author which has been several times published by Lansman editor, the Zététique Théâtre members are Melody Willame (dancer), Justine Duchesne (director, administrator), Catherine Daele (comedian and author), Ornella Venica (dancer and technician), Jonas Luyckx (technician and video maker).

After 2009, the company made two important changes: we introduced dance and started to make plays for very young children (from 2,5 years old). Before that, our productions were plays written by the director of the company, Luc Dumont. They were mainly plays for teenagers and children older than 9 years old. Now, our plays are a combination of theater and dance and they are mostly destined to young public.

The cultural project of the company is, by means of performing arts, to tell stories. Through doing so, its aim is to help people to question life, to make sense, to face new points of view. To stay aware, to nourish your emotional intelligence and your sensibilities.

Whatever the age – from 2,5 years old to 99 – the audience is at the heart of our work. We want to stay in touch with it, to hear its concerns and its expectations. That is why the artists of the company drew up and conduct a lot of social and cultural activities with young people, to observe it at close quarters.

Company website: www.zetetiquetheatre.be

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016 

Host: ACO Okinawa 


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